Red Nose Wine

Red Nose Wine specializes in importing wine of the highest quality from smaller and family run vineyards. There is a lot of very good wine at a very good price in the world, but it is often hidden within it’s locality, be it in a small country village in Piedmont, or just a few steps away from a very famous Bordeaux chateau. The same can be said of Spanish, New Zealand and Chilean wines, to name but a few. The wines with the biggest advertising budgets are rarely the best wines at the best price. Our winemakers skills lie more in wine making than marketing, which makes them that little bit harder to find.

Red Nose Wine travels to find these wines and their wine makers. We concentrate on wines that reflect the land they come from and also the people who make them. Whether it is centuries of family tradition, or a 1st generation’s attempt to connect with a special piece of land, if the wine stands out from the ordinary, we want to try it. We work hard to understand the winemaker’s point of view and cost structures, but equally communicate the Irish wine buyer’s expectations in both quality and price. We have been lucky enough to find partners who share our vision and we are gathering a loyal customer base, who we listen to and invite opinion from on a regular basis.


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