James Whelan Butchers

At James Whelan Butchers, we’ve been raising Aberdeen Angus and Hereford beef on our family farm for five generations. Our commitment to traditional, quality-crafted food shows in our award-winning butcher shop, in business for over 40 years. All of the beef and lamb we sell has been produced on our family farm in Clonmel.

We’ve been raising Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle for many generations and today we couple our traditional methods of raising beef and lamb with contemporary farming advancements. Our emphasis on total quality control means our beef is exclusively grass fed, slaughtered in our own licensed on farm abattoir, and dry-aged using slow, traditional methods to produce beef of unsurpassed excellence and taste.

The result is meat with a natural sweetness, a deep red colour and superb cooking and eating qualities. Few butchers practice dry-ageing today, but we believe it is the only way to deliver ultimate quality for cooking and eating. These same exacting standards are what we look for in the local farms where we source the foods you see on our website and in our store, with safety, quality and taste from farm to table.


We source local food from local farms, dairies and artisan makers to bring our customers the unique taste of Tipperary. Every item we sell, online (www.jameswhelanbutchers.com) and in our shops, can be traced to a local producer using the finest traditional husbandry and production techniques.

We like to think that food from James Whelan Butchers is a true taste of the country, a natural food of the highest quality that reflects the care and pride all of our producers take in crafting food for your table.

We are constantly developing new innovative products with a nod to past traditions, including our Award-Winning Beef Dripping, our Award-Winning Heritage Cure Ham and our Beef Bonds.

From beef to BBQ sauce, chicken to horseradish, all of our food has been sourced and developed with the highest safety and quality standards, preserving the techniques and tradition of small craft farming for our customers.