Fruit & Vegetables


The Apple Farm

The Traas family have been growing fruit in Tipperary since the 1960’s, when Willem and Ali Traas moved to Ireland from the Netherlands. These days the family grow apples, strawberries, raspberries, plums, cherries and pears, and also make a range of juices on their farm between Cahir and Clonmel.


The Green Bowl Company

The Green Bowl Company

Growers and suppliers of vegetables, salads, herbs, wheatgrass and juicers. No pesticides or chemicals used, bringing the best to you.

organic little one

Organic Little One

Inspired by her own experience when weaning her own two boys, Niamh O’Dwyer created Organic Little One. It’s purée & simple, freshly prepared little pots of purée goodness suitable from 4-6 months+.

Fresh in the fridge! These delicious little pots of purée goodness come in perfect little portions.