Cashel Blue Cheese

Hand made Farmhouse cheese made by the Grubb Family on Beechmount Farm near Cashel, Co. Tipperary.  Cashel Blue was developed by Jane Grubb in early 1980s and has become a well know international handmade Blue Cheese, and Ireland’s most popular Blue Cheese.

Crozier Blue, a Sheep’s Milk Blue Cheese was developed in 1993.  Both Cheeses are regular award winners and in 2009 to date hold 3 Gold Awards in International Food Competitions.  The cheeses continue to be made exclusively on the home farm.  All Cheese are carefully tasted, selected and matured prior to release for sales.


The Grubbs of Tipperary* first settled in County Tipperary, Ireland, during the 17th Century and quickly started setting up various enterprises, many relating to food. Eventually, in the 1930s, Samuel and Phyllis Grubb bought Beechmount House and its farm. By the 1950s they were producing dairy-based products (butter and potted cream) and selling them through Spearman’s Italian Delicatessen in Cashel.

Today Cashel Blue Farmhouse Cheese, while remaining 100% family owned, has become a community concern, with some members of the Team able to walk or cycle in each morning, and all the Cashel Blue Team living within 15 miles of the Dairy. The Team, which originally consisted of just Louis and Jane, now comprises of 20 members, supported occasionally by the children of some of these.